• Skin conditions benifited by Microskin™

    Microskin™ will camouflage skin imperfections caused by conditions such as Vitiligo, Birthmarks, Burns,Scarring, Rosacea and other related skin conditions.

  • What happens at a Microskin™ Clinic?

    On arrival at a Microskin™ clinic, your consultant will scan the affected and unaffected areas of your skin. This procedure is done using state of the art technology and is completely painless and safe. After this process, your unique and individual colour formula is then made. Please allow 1 – 2 hours for processing. You will then be trained on the application of Microskin™, either with an airbrush or stipple sponge, so that you can apply your Microskin™ colour in the privacy of your own home. Your Microskin™ formula is then stored in our data base and can be mixed and provided for you when required.

  • What Microskin™ cannot do

    Microskin™ will not alter skin texture. Microskin™ helps camouflage but will not make skin imperfections completely disappear.

  • Have there been any clinical trials or studies?

    Microskin™ has undertaken trials with the Royal Brisbane Children’s Hospital to study the psychological and psychosocial functioning of children with burn scarring International renowned burns specialist, Associate Professor Roy Kimble, explained that the clinical trial recognised the breakthrough that Microskin™ presents for children with burn scars. “Children with burns can experience emotional difficulties as a result of their scarring. This product can help alleviate these difficulties and help with a patient’s overall recovery and rehabilitation”.

  • What if my skin colour changes during the year?

    You may return to the Microskin™ clinic for a re-scan if you notice a change in your skin tone due to sun exposure. We recommend the use of sunscreen at all times while outdoors.

  • Is Microskin™ safe?

    To date there has been no recorded adverse reactions

  • Is there any age bracket?

    No, Microskin™ has been successfully applied to all ages

  • Will it work on all skin colours?

    Yes, Microskin™ caters for all skin colours.

  • How is it applied?

    There are two techniques of applying Microskin™. Stipple is the technique meant for areas that are smaller than the size of the palm of your hand. A specially designed stipple sponge is used. The pore like texture of the spongeallows the Microskin™ to be applied in layers, giving the Microskin™ a skin like texture. The airbrushing is the technique usedfor larger areas. The airbrush allows the user to achieve a fine, even application, which dries quickly. A consultant will determine which procedure best caters for your condition. Your Microskin colour can also be put in a spray can or a roll on applicator, which makes travelling with Microskin even easier.

  • Is it a make-up?

    No. Microskin™ is not a make-up or a cream camouflage.